Apex Designs specializes in the design, and fabrication of prototype machinery, mechanical assemblies, and new components. Our Atlanta, GA based operation supports North American markets in manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, medical, defense, and communications. The designs we provide and products we deliver are as diverse as the industries we serve and include purpose-built automated industrial machinery, X-ray inspection machinery, X-ray irradiators, tooling and assembly fixtures, calibration equipment, racecar components and simple mechanisms. The variety of our background allows us to share technologies between industries that foster creativity in design, materials, and methodology.

Areas of Expertise Include:


At Apex Designs, we believe that design process of methodical refinement that yields efficient and effective solutions. We are fully engaged in each project from the initial concept phases to product delivery and training to assure continuity between our work and our customer’s expectations. Our passion for excellence drives us to provide solutions that are efficient, cost effective, and timely.
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Today’s marketplace demands quick solutions and even quicker delivery. That’s why Apex Designs takes full advantage of the latest innovations in three-dimensional CAD modeling technology. 3-D modeling has the distinct advantage of allowing designers to model an animated simulation of the entire machine or assembly. Design work is performed concurrently with simulations allowing Apex Designs to quickly optimize the model, saving considerable costs and streamlining the path to production.

Additionally, 3-D modeling allows designers to create attractive, scaled illustrations for easy review in both electronic and printed form. Photo-realistic renderings and motion simulations are frequently used for proposals and marketing purposes. Apex Designs is a licensed user of SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD modeling software.
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Apex Designs is committed to providing the finest quality fabrication services to industry. High tech design practices are purely an academic exercise if the final product’s function and finish do not satisfy the customer’s expectations. Apex Designs takes pride in its workmanship and assures its customers only the highest standard of excellence in manufacturing. Fabrication Capabilities include machining, TIG welding, light gage sheetmetal forming, and composite construction in carbon fiber, kevlar, and fiberglass.

Additionally, high production and complex parts may warrant manufacturing by CNC equipment. Apex Designs works with several CNC equipped shops to provide competitive prices and quick turnaround. Learn More